Tu Hieu Pagoda

Tu Hieu Pagoda – In Hue, there has hundred of famous ancient pagodas, each pagoda has special characteristics, some pagoda associated with legend of mysterious anecdote, Tu Hieu is one of the most different from others one. Tu Hieu is located among the immense pine forest belongs to the range of Duong Xuan mountain, Thuy Xuan commune, Hue city. The pagoda was established in 1842, initiatively, it had the name ‘An Duong’. In 1843, Nhat Dinh found this place and built it to become big pagoda.

In front of the pagoda, there worship Buddhism, behind the pagoda worship ancient. The entrance was built with dome and had the two colossal statues guarding the main gate of a pagoda. Besides, there has lotus lake. Two sides have stone stele to record the process of building this pagoda. In 1984, superior Buddhist monk, Cuong Ky continued repairing an designing whole pagoda with the help of Thanh Thai King and a numerous Buddhist. In 1931, superior Buddhist monk, Hue Minh continued renewing and building semi-circle lake. In 1962, superior Buddhist monk, Chon Thiet continued repairing it again. This is one of the most ancient pagodas in Hue.

Tu Hieu Pagoda – From building to renewing pagoda, it means preserve moral principles for descendants, especially, Tu Hieu pagoda is the place that people can throw away all difficult things in the life. Therefore, Tu Hieu pagoda and the meaning of two words “Tu Hieu” which Tu Duc named, it not only worshiped Buddhism but also is the famous landscape o Than Kinh area. This place makes we consider about our parent.

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